DR. Magda

By the grace of Allah Dr. Magdah `Amir majored in Islamic Da`wah as she graduated from the Institute for Preparation of Islamic Preachers. She obtained a BA in Islamic Shri`ah, Al-Azhar University. Besides her studies in the various branches of Islamic hari`ah, she also did other studies which she exploited for the service of Islam.

Dr Magdah `Amir has been working in the field of Da`wah for more than eleven years using Arabic, French and English…

Based on this, she studied some branches of modern sciences which included the following:

  • PhD obtained from `Ain Shams University in Organic Chemical Analyses
  • MA obtained from `Ain Shams University in Organic Chemical Analyses
  • MA obtained from Military Academy of Medicine in Medical Microbiology
  • Diploma in Chemical Analyses obtained from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Cairo
  • Diploma in Cytology and Histology obtained from COCHIN PORT ROYAL in Paris
  • Certificate in Alternative Medicine obtained from London International College of Homeopathy (LICH) – London – England
    She studied various branches of alternative medicine including:
    Homeopathy – Reflexology – Chinese Acupuncture – Herbal Therapy – Oil Therapy – Flower Extract Therapy – Cupping Therapy – Chromotherapy – Nutrition Therapy
  • Study of mind mapping (Tony Buzan)
  • Study of speed reading
  • Studied at the Canadian Center to obtain a certificate for an accredited professional coach in:
    • Hypnotism
    • Power of Human Energy (PHE) (Level A & B)
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Current Job Description: Colleague at `Ain Shams University Hospital Former immunologist at `Ain Shams University